is reclaiming
our planet by bringing
back our trees through

The Genix Belief

Genix is built on the belief that everyone can and should protect the environment.
The borderless nature of the blockchain furthers our mission. Reforestation just got even more global!

Get Genix Funding

A call to reforestation & nursery organizations/individuals globally. Get approved for a GENIX masternode with the possibility of additional funding in the future.

Get Started

Buying a T-shirt plants up to 6 trees!

This store is designed to maximise our reach to reforestation and tree planting projects, with 100% of the sales profits donated directly to our tree-planting partners!

The Genix Reason

Climate Change

A negative climate change
due in great part to the
release of gases expelled
from burning carbon products.


Reforestation is an attempt
to replenish trees being lost
due to both legal and illegal

Effective Donations

Donations are for one reason
and one reason only -
To improve the current
state of our environment.

Access to Funds

Genix is an initiative that
will provide funds to every legal
entity pursuing a cleaner and fresher
earth through planting trees.

CO2 Matching

Companies and individuals alike will
be able to offset their CO2 emmission
by a simple donation. Sleep better
knowing you're doing your own part.


Everyone will be able to check
exacty where their money is going.
Its the blockchain afterall, so
put on your serious faces and audit us!

Why Blockchain

The blockchain, a phenomenal technology built on the foundations of the internet is here to stay. Opportunities for life changing products and services abound on the blockchain, and one of those is finance. Not just any finance but peer-to-peer, borderless finance. Genix is taking advantage of the blockchain as it relates to finance, the immutability of entries and distributed storage capacities.

Publicly Verifiable

As mentioned above, everything will
be public. The blockchain enhances this
by making sure anyone with even a
cellphone can look up and verify transaction claims.


The veracity of blockchain data is one
of its strongest attractions. A lot of
techie stuff goes into making sure
nobody can just easily edit blockchain data.

Tree Data

The blockchain is simply distributed
storage and computing at its finest.
Data stored on the blockchain means
it can be accessed anywhere and isnt stored on a single device.

Fund Generation

The Genix team will set up and
operate a number of masternodes strictly
for the purpose of fund generation
toward donations for eligible tree-planting organizations

Quick and
Easy donations

The blockchain is fast, and recently
the blockchain is getting better and
easier to use for even a novice. This
combo makes for a very fast and easy donation process

Cross Border

This isn't limited to any country.
Transactions on the blockchain can
be carried out wherever there is an
internet connection. The entire world can participate.


While donations in fiat can be hard
to monitor by the public, except the
bank account receiving the donations
is public, its the opposite with open source cryptographic solutions. Everybody knows!

Fast, Easy
Donation Remittance

Redistribution of donations received at Genix
is a primary concern. Traditional wire transfers
can be difficult to arrange and inconvenient.
The Genix ecosystem allows convenient, and publicly recorded remittance to occur anywhere in the world and on a peer-to-peer basis.

Near Zero

Receiving donations will be cheap.
Sending it to the different
organizations will be cheaper
considering the amount to fee ratio.
Fees won't stop anyone this time around

Coin Info

Price Info



Block Time

120 Seconds



Current Supply

Active Masternodes

206 Masternodes

Max Supply

210,000,000 GENIX


10,500,000 GENIX

Community Airdrop

7,685,367 GENIX

MN Collateral

100,000 GENIX

Block Reward

500 GENIX. Halving Every 100,000 Blocks